Technology and Innovation

Helping innovative Tunisian start-ups

The Sector

Technology and Innovation (T&I) is one of Tunisia’s fastest-growing economic sectors, averaging over 8% annual growth over the last five years. Led by well-trained youth, technology-driven growth is apt to be one of the most important factors in increasing incomes in Tunisia over the long term. The constant brain drain to other countries, however, threatens this potential.

JOBS’ Vision and Strategy

Tunisia JOBS’ vision is to support Tunisia start-ups, early-stage technology companies, as well as companies that can take transformative leaps in their current business models to become regional and international players.

Our Work

Tunisia JOBS supports entrepreneurs and companies in a wide range of sectors, such as financial technology, healthcare (biotech and health-tech), aerospace and automotive, and light manufacturing - Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT).

The project is focusing on:

Leveraging Tunisia’s talented youth in the technology field

JOBS enables entrepreneurs and investors to tap Tunisia’s technology talent by making skilled youth easier for employers to identify and ensuring that youth are better prepared to join the workforce. For example, JOBS is helping to develop an online database of skilled youth and companies in Tunisia, including developers, start-ups, and research institutions, that will provide technology companies with critical insight when considering Tunisia as an investment location. JOBS also teamed up with Vermeg, a financial markets solutions provider, to create the first fintech master’s program in the region. The project is also working with the Ministry of Higher Education and the ICT Federation to reform university curricula that will better prepare youth for today’s technology jobs.

Tapping the Tunisian diaspora

JOBS is partnering with Tunisians abroad that wish to invest in the Tunisian market and return home, reversing the “brain drain.” JOBS has partnered with Betacube, an ICT start-up that provides support services for diaspora entrepreneurs to launch innovative companies based in Tunisia. The project is also supporting technology companies in the Zarzis Technology Park, comprised primarily of entrepreneurs who left Tunisia but now see technology opportunities in their native home.

Creating micro-multinationals

JOBS partners with emerging companies to help them become more competitive in regional and international markets. One example is supporting Aymax Technology, a digital services company (DSC), to implement an integrated quality and security management system. JOBS also partnered with Swiver, Tunisia’s main web-based invoicing solution, to implement a data security management system compliant with international standards and to implement new organizational processes to facilitate their growth. Additionally, JOBS is supporting Integration Objects, a solution provider that allows companies to monitor their production facilities remotely, to expand its market internationally. JOBS partnered with DigitalMania, a video game developer and programming studio, to become a key player in the video games industry in the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Developing the fintech sector

Financial technology is key to providing SMEs with greater access to finance. JOBS is supporting numerous start-ups and major financial institutions. JOBS partnered with Kaoun, a mobile wallet startup that offers mobile payments and credit services contributing to financial inclusion for many Tunisians not integrated into the financial system. JOBS client Paypos offers secure, turnkey payment solutions using integrated payment terminals.

Increasing value added in strategic sectors such as automotive and aerospace

JOBS is helping Tunisian companies in these sectors to strengthen their respective supply chains through innovation. JOBS partnered with ECHO to enable the aviation industry to rapidly retrofit planes. JOBS is also supporting Wallys Car, the only local car manufacturer in the region, to expand its production from 50 cars currently to 2,500 cars per year by 2025. JOBS has also partnered with OneTech, a local champion in the mechatronic and cabling industry, to move from a Tier 2 to Tier 1 auto parts supplier, thereby adding value to its existing activities.

Promoting an innovative green eEconomy: reuse, reduce, recycle

JOBS is supporting companies that recycle/reuse materials that are traditionally considered waste. JOBS is also supporting Sunlife Afrique, a start-up developing renewable energy solutions for businesses in the underserved region of Kairouan. JOBS has partnered with several companies in the waste management sector (Dasri Sterile, Solutions Medicales et Services, Galien Environnement, Techno-Soin, and Tunisian Environmental Services) to improve the treatment and recycling of toxic and high-risk waste. JOBS also supported EMECC, an SME specializing in remanufacturing and maintenance of industrial cooling racks, chillers, blast freezers, ice machines, AC & refrigeration units.

Impact To Date

  • Signed 61 partnership agreements with companies encompassing 125 enterprises
  • Created 3,698 high tech jobs of which 51% have gone to women
  • Sales increase of more than $62 million across partner companies
  • Shining a light on Tunisia’s tech talent and its position as a destination for technology investments