SMSA Djebba Fruits: Helping Tunisian fig producers reach their market potential

Agriculture and Agribusiness / Articles / 02-02-2022

USAID Tunisia JOBS’ support for SMSA Djebba Fruits is helping small farmers in the Tunisian north-west generate added value from locally-grown fig products.

Based in the small, underserved town of Djebba, the 126-member agricultural cooperative specializes in the production of local figs, which are known for their unique flavor and high quality. It also produces high-value fig derivatives, such as fig juice and jam, which are sold mainly to domestic food suppliers.

AOC Label SMSA Djebba

In 2011, the SMSA’s Djebba-grown figs became the first Tunisian fruit products to receive a government-issued quality label (AOC) guaranteeing their authenticity of origin, helping establish the company as Tunisia’s premier fig producer and driving demand domestically and abroad.

SMSA Djebba Fruits sought to further increase the market value of its products and attract new clients by pursuing an international food safety management certification. However, it was forced to delay the expensive certification process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which hampered its production and distribution processes.

JOBS stepped in to help the SMSA meet international food safety standards and apply for the new certification. In addition, JOBS awarded the company a grant to purchase a refrigerated storage unit that will help preserve its fruit products for a longer period of time.

Figs SMSA Djebba

As a result, the SMSA secured buyers in new export markets, including France, Belgium, and Libya, integrated 16 new members, and increased sales. 


“My colleagues and I are proud of the job we are doing. We are contributing to the development of Djebba and the region.”

Fatma Khemiri

Operator – SMSA Djebba Fruits

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