Our Impact

Our work to date has had significant impact across all project objectives:

  • Facilitated over 41,000 jobs
  • Supported over 25,000 business
  • Mobilized $48 million in investments
  • Faciliated nearly $213 million in access to finance
  • Helped over 20,000 hard-hit enterprises with $10 million in USG grant funds and $37 million leveraged as loans from our microfinance institution partners allowing these enterprises to sustain 41,783 jobs and create 3,938 jobs
  • Led support to the CDC, Tunisia’s sovereign investment fund, in designing COVID-19 emergency response to assist SMEs
  • Provided employability skills training to over 6,500 youth, and matching over 3,600 youth with jobs with partner companies
  • Partnering with GOT in policy and regulatory reform in access to finance, trade


Helping SMEs to grow

Created over 41,000 new jobs 60% for women.

Generated over $212 million in additional access to finance.

Signed 605 Partnership Agreements encompassing over 7,034 SMEs and producers.

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Establishing a better prepared workforce

Matched 3,642 youth to new jobs among JOBS’ client firms.

Prepared 6,500 students annually for the workforce with demand-driven ICT and Business Administration curricula.

Digitalized 14 vocational training courses and tools for trainers and students in four sectors (textile, electromechanics, tourism, and agriculture), impacting 4,500 youth.

Facilitated the development and conceptualization of university curricula reform in IT, business administration, fintech, digital management, digital customer relations management, and French accounting services, to better ensure that students' education match private sector needs.  

Forging a more conducive enabling policy and regulatory environment for business growth

Helping the Government of Tunisia implement other e-government solutions that increase transparency and reduce costs for businesses, including:

  • Eliminated nine licenses and eight administrative authorizations, saving SMEs 45 days on average for each license.
  • Removed a burdensome step from the business registration process, saving SMEs $1.97 million annually.
  • Expanded the online National Investor Platform, enabling investors to submit registration documents online and streamlining processes of key GOT agencies, saving SMEs 11.38 million TND ($3.93 million) annually.
  • Supported greater transparency and efficiency by helping the government of Tunisia implement five e-government platforms, reducing costs for SMEs.
Communicating with youth

Conducted a National Youth Survey assessing youth economic optimism 9,689 respondents.