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Creating Synergies Between Objectives to Maximize Impact

USAID Tunisia JOBS At a Glance

Tunisia JOBS provides resources for companies to grow, expand sales, and thus create jobs, leading to increased incomes. We support companies through various means, including technical assistance, facilitating access to finance, helping companies identify new markets, improving the quality of their products while reducing costs, and training employees.

JOBS delivers assistance through a multidimensional approach, as illustrated here.

Supporting women and youth as well expanding economic opportunities to underserved areas are important cross-cutting themes of our work.

  • $

    total funding

  • 5

    year project (June 2018 through May 2023)

  • 10

    regional offices nationwide

Helping to prepare a qualified work force that meets the private sector’s needs

Providing resources to SMEs (TA, access to finance, market linkages, certifications, investment, etc.)

Supporting the government and the private sector to establish a policy and regulatory environment that lets SMEs grow

Delivering a message supporting market-led economic growth

Sustainable SMEs and Income Growth