Assistance to Enterprises

Assisting Tunisian SMEs to grow and create jobs

SMEs and Private Sector Development

Tunisia’s private sector contributes up to 60% of its GDP and accounts for 80% of jobs created and 60% of all investment. The private sector is, undoubtedly, Tunisia’s economic growth engine.

JOBS’ Vision and Strategy

Tunisia JOBS provides direct transactional assistance to SMEs to help them grow their sales, thus creating jobs, and increasing incomes. JOBS works with each company to identify solutions for companies to address constraints to growth, which we implement on a cost-shared basis.

The support we provide includes technical assistance, help in obtaining access to finance and investment, certifications, employee training, and identifying new markets and buyers. Beyond individualized assistance, JOBS strengthens companies’ supply chains to reduce overall costs and reach the widest number of firms, especially smaller producers.

Our Work

JOBS partners with a wide range of enterprises, from micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) to larger firms requiring assistance in identifying and training new workers, thus reducing unemployment in their regions.

We implement our work through 10 regional offices located throughout Tunisia.

Agriculture and Agribusiness

Helping Tunisian companies access export markets

Technology and Innovation

Helping innovative Tunisian start-ups

Textile and Apparel

Supporting the textile industry competitiveness
Impact To Date

  • Signed 605 partnership agreements with companies encompassing 7,034 enterprises
  • Created more than 41,000 jobs, 60% for women and 40% in underserved regions. These firms have increased sales by $520 million, including $350 million in export sales
  • Facilitated over $106.1 million increased access to credit from JOBS’ partner banks and leasing companies to 841 SMEs, as well as 85 equity transactions for $110 million, including through the digital marketplace JoussourInvest, as well as support for fintech and digital solutions to make credit more accessible to all Tunisians
  • Impact encompassing numerous sectors, including 200 agriculture companies and 6,117 producers assisted through cooperatives, agribusiness, and fishing/seafood enterprises; nearly 90 innovative technology companies pioneering promising export markets and jobs for youth; and over 120 textile companies