Agriculture and Agribusiness

Helping Tunisian companies access export markets

The Sector

Agribusiness is the third largest manufacturing sector in Tunisia, accounting for almost 10% of GDP and $1.95 billion in exports, reaching 138 countries worldwide. The sector includes a wide range of enterprises, from thousands of small producers to large, sophisticated enterprises throughout Tunisia.

JOBS’ Vision and Strategy

JOBS is supporting both small-scale producers and SMEs to increase revenues and create economic opportunities throughout Tunisia by strengthening supply chains, helping SMEs add value to their production, and increasing access to export markets. JOBS reaches many farmers, especially in underserved regions, by partnering with Mutual Agricultural Services Companies (SMSA). Through these efforts, JOBS incorporates small farmers into the formal sector, increasing employment, revenues, and investment in underserved regions.

Our Work


Agribusiness is one JOBS’ key areas of support, allowing JOBS to reach thousands of small farmers in underserved areas where few job options exist. JOBS reaches producers in these regions from its regional offices in Beja, Kef, Gafsa, and Gabes that work predominately with agribusiness and agricultural companies. More than 75% of our work in the sector is in underserved regions and nearly 30% of jobs and sales created with the project are in the agribusiness and agriculture sector.


The project also supports agricultural value chain assistance, especially linkages between bigger companies and small producers. In 2020, JOBS added SMSA, or agricultural cooperatives, as a priority for direct assistance through partnership agreements. While we work with SMEs producing all types of agricultural products, our project targets Tunisia’s leading agricultural products including seafood and dates.



Since its inception, Tunisia JOBS has :

  • Delivered assistance to more than 11,044 agribusiness companies and small farmers

  • Created more than 14,912 jobs

  • Helped companies increase sales and exports by more than $202 million